Flavour of the Week | Precious Peacock

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With the eyes of the stars in its tail. the peacock has been associated with many different things from many different cultures and beliefs: kindness, luck, a guardian to royalty, patience... (You can read up on a lot of interesting mythologies and symbolism here.) The combination of purple and turquoise is not only incredibly vibrant, but it is also a very distinctive wedding theme.

Why we love it: A purple and turquoise wedding theme is a very brave and bold choice, need we say more?

Colours, accessories and details to complement a peacock wedding theme:
Bold use of gold or silver (preferably not both)
Shades of green
Use turquois and purple as hints of accent colours to down tone the theme
Combine it with subtle damask patterns
Different uses of light – candles, fairy lights, light curtains, crystals and mirrors….
Dramatic draping

Flowers to consider:
We are currently head-over-heels for orchids!
Blue flowers are difficult to find and we suggest adding splashes of turquoise with hints of feathers, crystals and gold twigs

As mentioned, this particular colour scheme is a very brave one. Be cautious by not going too over-the-top. Decide on your accents and details and stick to…Then again, who is afraid of being vibrant in any ways!