Your 5 Duties as a Bridesmaid


Being chosen as a bridesmaid is a huge honour. Make sure you show your appreciation to the bride by doing the best job you possibly can.


  • Help plan and pay for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Although you won’t be expected to pay for it all, it is kinda your duty as bridesmaid to chip in and pay for a portion of the party, along with the other bridesmaids.


  • Be on hand, always! You’re one of the bride de-stressors. You’re there as moral support, to listen to all her whining and complaints, to ensure her the day will go off without a hitch, continuously tell her how beautiful she looks. Be there for the bride and make sure she has the best day of her life.


  • Get the party started. When the speeches are done, the music starts and no one gets on the floor. Awkward. It’s your job as bridesmaid to make sure you get yourself on the dance floor and dance dance dance. Dance with the groomsmen and encourage other guests to dance too. Make sure people are having fun.
  • Help the bride choose her wedding dress. Help the bride choose a dress she’ll love and look beautiful in. Remain patient and be honest about your opinion but know when to pipe down and let her make the ultimate decision.


  • Keep an eye on the kids! If the wedding is including children as ring bearers or flower girls, you might be expected to keep them in check and make sure they’re ready to walk down the aisle when they need to be and that they don’t act out during the ceremony. This job can be quite difficult but you can make it happen.


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