Relaxed Beach Shoot


The style of the shoot portrayed relaxation, tranquility and easy-going fun. With a minimum effort feel but a full-on effort effect, this bo-ho, gypsy style shoot is the epitome of a modern day beach wedding. With a rough, white washed door as a tabletop and mismatched cutlery and eclectic accessories, the decor played into the Bohemian, effortless theme. The Teepee manged to create a domain of celebration and gathering while still allowing the guests the freedom of wandering the beach. The open, earthy feel of the structure incorporated the natural and free feeling of the shoot.

The food was designed to be easy to pick and eat, without worrying about a formal 5 course meal, again playing into the relaxed vibe of this beachy-boho themed shoot. Served in jars, on sosatie sticks or as finger food, the edibles were perfect for sitting around the table, dawdling along the water line or sitting with your toes in the sand. 

With a nod to tradition, the bride’s wedding dress was a bejewelled white design with a styled flowing skirt, with fullness to create a ballgown feel. In contrast with the dazzling blue ocean, the brilliant red of the bridesmaid dress was bound to stand out. With this pop of colour, comes fun and flirty with a hint of romance. The groom and his best man were dressed in modern, funky patterns, while an open collar hinted at the laid-back feel. Adding to the mellow atmosphere were the rolled up pants of the men and their bare feet in the sand.

The models hair and make up was done to perfection with subtle hints of glitter and shine to tie into the ceremonial aspect of the wedding, making them look all the more glamorous and beautiful. The photographers created a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for the models, which oozed out into the behind-the-scenes crew, who had a wonderful time and filled the air with giggles.

A big traditional wedding isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. Weddings don’t always have to be a huge spectacle with matching cups and saucers, but can simply take place somewhere beautiful, surround by your loved ones, and be just as special and memorable.


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