QUIZ : what type of bride are you!










Pick a bouquet

Proteas, beautifully painted twigs, black ribbon.

White with some greenery & ribbons

Handmade from indigenous handpicked flowers

An expensive bouquet to which you added your own touches


Who would you choose to be your maid-of-honour?

Your Grooms Sister

Your Sister

You don’t need a maid of honour

Your Bestie


Your ideal wedding venue / setting

A non- established venue such as a rustic barn or rooftop

Traditional church and venue

Beautiful Beach wedding

Best of the best your town has to offer


What season do you want to get married in



Not too fussy

Spring is best


You hair and Make up artist drops you at the last minute, do you:

Ask your friends, most of them are quite creative

Enter complete panic mode

Do it yourself

Insist she comes, and threaten her with a law suit


Your engagement ring was

Something funky and unusual

Something you have been designing since you were a little girl

Something your fiancé chose and thought you would like

The best money could buy


How many guests do you want to have at your wedding

Huge, all our friends and family

Very carefully and exclusively put together list

Close friends and family, an intimate occasion

Its more about quality people and not the quantity


What dessert do you want at your wedding

Gintails with candyfloss

Traditional wedding cake of course

My Aunt is makes Cupcakes

An assorted dessert and candy buffet


What word do you want people to use to describe your wedding






How many bridesmaids will you have – including your maid of honour

6 girlfriends in mismatched outfits



6  bridesmaids all complementing your dress, but not competing with it




Mostly A’s

Mostly B’s

Mostly C’s

Mostly D’s


THE REBEL BRIDE – The more shock factor the better for this Bride! Slightly hipster & alternative, she sees herself as unique, trendy and doesn’t give a fajita about what anyone else thinks… Its HER wedding and she makes sure everyone knows it! She’s a trendsetter , and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. There will be untraditional elements at this wedding, one of them being the Groom, she probably opted for a non-denominational ceremony is isn’t wearing underwear!

THE PRNCESS BRIDE –This girl has been dreaming of her special day ever since she got her first Barbie, she has visualised every last detail, right down to a tear that slips out here eye, without smudging her make up! This wedding is pretty, beautiful…predictable. What Budget? This princess will make sure she gets the wedding of her dreams, no one will be able to stand in her way, not even the groom, who has just realised this is a sign of things to come!

THE DIY BRIDE –Laidback & practical. A little ‘BoHo’. The wedding date was based on some sentimental reason, and may very well be on a beach in the middle of winter. Barefoot & flower crown, with planning beginning a month before. She  ropes friends and family into helping with the catering, (vegan of course) and décor, all green. Its not that she doesn’t have money, DIY is practical. Her husband will find her making her own charcoal facemasks from his old braai coals.

THE BRIDEZILLA – Is what this high maintence beauty became the moment he proposed! Friends & family noticed the change from the moment the ring slipped onto her OCD manicured finger.  ‘Dragon’ is a word that could be used to describe her by anyone involved. She is the girl that orders her dress a size smaller planning to lose weight, and then demands the dress for free when she hasn’t and it doesn’t fit.  This is the most stressful time of her life. After its over, the Groom prays that she will go back to her old self, but she will probably want to have babies ASAP.


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