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Lavender is known as a soft, romantic shade of purple that works well with almost any other combination, which is frequently used in wedding celebrations, from color palette, decorations to dresses and favors. Here’re some loveliest lavender wedding ideas for your reference. Get a cup of coffee and move along to steal for your own event!


lavender and nude rustic wedding color ideas 2015 trends


chic rustic lavender and wheat neutral wedding colors 2015

Bouquets & Boutonnieres
Whether you choose to incorporate lavender into your bouquet among white roses, peonies or ranunculus, or opt for a simple but stunning bouquet of lavender alone, the effect is not only visually arresting, but the scent will waft in your wake as you walk the aisle and fill the room during the ceremony.

lavender inspired wedding bridal bouquets ideas 2015


chic rusitc lavender wedding boutonnieres for guys


To set the basic tone, as well as give guests the first impression, send out lavender themed wedding invitations is a perfect choice, whether with lavender printed on the cards or just have the lavender colored ones.

rustic chic lavender and mint watercolor wedding invitations affordable lavender and gray wedding invitation cards ewi348

lavender watercolor vintage wedding invitations lavender inspired printed vintage lace wedding invitations ewi261

Let’s say lavender wedding cakes are just too perfect to eat- the variety of ideas is astonishing, but my personal favorite has to be the profiterole cakes. My heart keeps telling me “WOW~WOW~WOW~”

amazing wedding cakes for lavender wedding ideas 2015

Bridesmaid Dresses

Having ombre lavender bridesmaid dresses is the first choice to me, and they can perfectly match with the whole wedding color schemes of your big day.

shades of purple bridesmaid dresses for lavender wedding ideas


And for those who plan to attempt a bit of wedding DIY on the flowers, lavender couldn’t be simpler to use – these beautiful lavender buttonholes tied with a distinctive ribbon are the epitome of elegance and only take 5 minutes to make.

country rustic lavender wedding centerpiece ideas

Food & Drinks

To round off, what about lavender treats and some lemonade to tickle your guests taste buds? Simple is best as they say…

food and drinks for lavender wedding ideas


Give each guest a packet of lavender seeds to watch your love grow!

chic rustic lavender wedding favors

practical diy lavender wedding favor ideas creative wedding favors for lavender themed wedding ideas


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