Wedding Know-How | Well-groomed Couture

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Q: Heinz, you are regarded as being at the forefront of trends on our local fashion scene, how do you keep yourself and your offering up to date?

A: By constantly checking out what the world trends are, listening to our clients and putting ensembles together that are different. We want to entice the client to wear an outfit that is edgy, though formal and complimenting their bodies and the event they are attending.

Q: How far ahead of the wedding date should the Groom make an appointment to see you to start deciding on his wedding outfit?  Should the Bride-to-be come with him?

A: The Groom needs to take action as soon as the dress styles and colors of the Bride and bridesmaids are confirmed. It is much

easier to dress the guys to complement the ladies than the other way around. The Bride is more than welcome to join the Groom in choosing his outfit, as she needs to look at him the whole day. On

the flipside, the Groom has no say in the Bride’s outfit. We listen to the Bride with pleasure and then consult further with the Groom.

Q: What were the noticeable trends in 2017 for men’s wedding wear and do you think these will carry through to 2018? What new trends do you foresee for 2018?

A: The Grooms have become much more fashion and color conscious and yes, it will be the same and more in 2018. The modern-day Groom is more open to color and patterned fabric changes, giving another dimension to their outfits. It is always the best to have a combination of classic romantic with some high fashion as the Wedding Dress depict what the Groom will wear. Mens accessories such as cuff links, tiepins, waistcoats or braces, are very strong contenders in being part of the outfit. Shoes and funky socks have become much of a focal point.

Q: In our current economic climate what budget should a future Groom be putting aside for his wedding outfit.

A: We have a structure where you can build onto your basic suit, such as adding a shirt, waistcoat, neckpiece and accessories, therefore the outfit is still affordable. The guys do not wear suits all the time, therefore it is more economically savvy to rent instead of buying.

Q: What personal advice could you offer Grooms to take into consideration when getting the perfect look together for their special day? Are there any “don’t’s ?

A There are lots of DO NOT’s, but also a lot of DO’s, which is a chapter on its own. Never forget that although it is the Bridal Couple’s day, their parents should also be considered. The guys must also be involved in the organizing and decision making, as weddings cost a lot of money and two brains are better than one. Do your research and give positive input as it’s one of the biggest days in your life… after all, you’re signing your life away.