Choosing Your Perfect Dress

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Q Shelley, “The Dress” for Brides is one of THE most important things on the wedding checklist. On the day it is the centre of attention, and, also something that will be immortalised in the wedding photographs for ever. What would you say the current wedding dress trends are, and how have these changed over the last couple of years?

A The current trend is very much the figure-flattering silhouettes, soft illusion and flirty embellishments. Also the vintage undertones are here to stay. Lace is still very popular, the newest trend is the crepe wedding dress with lace embelishments, tulle and chiffon are still popular choices. 

If I look back to the styles about 5 years plus the dresses were very heavy made from Taffetta, satin and organza with lots of layers and ruffles, the ballgown silhoutte was very popular

How long in advance should a Bride-to-be start looking for her dress, and once she has found it how many times should she have fittings before the big day?

 I recommend that a bride to be should start looking for her wedding dress about 9 months prior to the wedding, reason behind this is should a bride want to order a dress from a well known International bridal brand we would require 6 months at least to order the brides dream dress. 5 months to arrive and then 1 month for alterations.  

With regards to alterations the bride would need 2 – 3 alteration fittings to make sure that her wedding dress fits her to perfection.

Q To buy off the rail, to hire or to have made are options available to Brides, what are the pro’s and cons of each, also taking cost into account with each option, how much should a Bride start putting aside for the most important dress she will ever buy?

A This is a very personal decision which a bride would need to make and it also depends on her budget for her wedding dress. 

Buy: You can enjoy your wedding day knowing that you have bought your dress and never have to worry if red wine is spilled on your wedding dress or if someone stands on your train, also if a bride is sentimental they would most likely want to buy there wedding dress so should they have a daughter she can play dress up in her mom’s wedding dress as she grows up. 

New designer wedding dresses retail from around R12 000 and can go up to around R35 000 plus

Many bridal stores also have sales on there sample dresses which can be anything from 25% – 50% off the retail price. 

Hiring: Con on hiring a wedding dress is always making sure on your big day that you do not damage the wedding dress which you have hired as should there be damage you are still liable for the damage to the dress. 

Hiring generally starts at around R5 000 and  could go up to about 60% of the value of a new dress.

Q A quote we recently came across with regards to choosing a dress was: “Listen to your heart, not your mother”. What advice could you offer Brides before they start their dress search, are there any special tips, do’s or don’ts that they should take into consideration?

A Other than the groom himself, choosing your dress is quite possibly the most important decision you will make whilst planning your wedding.

I believe that your wedding dress carries a responsibility all of its own. Infusing you with confidence, complimenting your style and expressing your personality; it has to do the job that no dress has ever done before.

We recommend no more than 4 people to join you in your wedding dress search and fitting as you need to remember there are 4 different personalities and not everyone has the same tastes, it can become quite confusing if half the bridal party loves the dress and the other half doesn’t especially if you are on the side that loves the dress.

Remember you are the bride and you are the one wearing the dress it is all about how the dress makes you feel and does it tell the story that you want it to tell.

“Can you see yourself wallking down the isle in this dress”