Then & Now


Weddings have been a form of celebration and a symbol of unity since the beginning of time. While many of the traditions have stayed the same over the eons, many of the traditions have changed. Ever wondered why we do certain things at weddings? Sure, it’s tradition, but where did the tradition originate from?

Tradition  Then Now
The Father ‘giving away’ his
daughter to the groom.
Back before woman’s rights were a thing, a
daughter was seen as a bribery option to
settle disagreements between neighbors
or families. Fathers were seen as ‘owning’
their daughter. By “giving up” his daughter
at the end of the aisle, he is giving
ownership to the groom.
Thank goodness for woman’s rights.
Nowadays having your father walk you down
the aisle is about honoring him and not
about him forfeiting his ‘ownership’ of his
daughter to another man.
Bridesmaids WOW, there was a lot of suspicion in the
olden days! Bridesmaids nowadays wear
similar dresses to look aesthetically pleasing
and to not distract from the bride. Way back
then, bridesmaids were used to to distract,
confuse and ‘ward off’ evil spirits trying to
ruin the brides happiness. Yikes! Talk about
Thankfully today being a bridesmaid doesn’t
have to be so stressful! Bridesmaids are
now a group of your closest girl friends that
are there to help make the brides job of
planning her wedding a bit easier and less
overwhelming! And on the day all you’ve got
to do is look pretty while cerebrating your
A White gown Brides actually wore red way back when! It
wasn’t until Queen Victoria strutted down
the aisle in a white gown did it become
trendy. White then symbolized wealth and
White dresses are still associated with
weddings and brides today, and white is
seen as a representation of purity, innocence
and even virginity in some religions. But
nowadays a white gown isn’t mandatory and
brides are stepping out with multicoloured
dresses and rocking their own style.
Tossing Rice Tossing rice at the newly wed couple was
a sweet idea. The rice was meant to mimic
rain which was thought of as a symbol of
prosperity, fertility and good fortune.
Today, rice isn’t really all too common as it
has been replaced by bubbles, petals, and
even sparklers. The idea is still just as sweet.



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