THE MIX - A Home crafted spice blend to enhance all raw and cooked foods


Elisabeth Rautenbach, Creator and owner at "The Mix" gives us insight as to how The Mix came to be:
" My culinary experience began in 1980 when I married an Eastern Cape sheep farmer and was thrown in at the deep end, having to suddenly learn how to make biltong, boerewors and cook offal from our own sheep and bushbuck. No-one I asked could give me concrete advice on how much of this and how little of that, how long in the oven..., so I was left to fiddle alone in my farm kitchen, with a very temperamental AGA stove, and eventually concocted my own versions of traditional boerekos favorites.

That is how THE MIX was born. Originally intended for seasoning boerewors, this old family recipe stemmed from the days long before refrigerators, when meat had to be preserved by various other means. One such method was by harnessing the preserving properties of pungent spices such as cloves, nutmeg and thyme, which inhibited the formation of moulds. I found these to be rather overpowering on the palate and instead experimented with more subtle Mediterranean flavors, and suddenly there was my winner! Left-over spice from sausage-making was sprinkled on braai meat or used in other dishes and given away as presents and suddenly everyone wanted their own supply of THE MIX.

THE MIX compliments all dishes I am told by fans. One can add it to anything, except dessert! The salt used is coarse and can also be placed in a grinder for a more delicate flavour.
So advice to young brides: Dont be afraid to experiment in your kitchen. Dont let cooking ever become a chore, have fun and dont stress if the dish doesn't look exactly like the one in the magazine. And let Jack help with the dishes too, not only the cooking.

Just remember: Your life will be in a real fix, if your kitchen is ever without THE MIX!


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