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What is Winback Beauty?


WINBACK Beauty meets the needs of demanding clients, both male and female. They appreciate a treatment that is both efficient and comfortable, non-invasive, and which achieves the targets set in the initial appraisal.

TECAR energy regenerates and revitalises all the layers of the skin and deeply stimulates the body’s natural resources. The face’s natural radiance begins to be restored from the first session.

WINBACK can also reshape difficult areas such as the stomach, saddlebags, or even fibrous cellulite.


Winback has a direct effect on the reduction of imperfections in ‘storage’ areas (stomach, hips, and thighs), using diathermy and circulatory motion. The reduction in volume eliminates the pressure on the hypodermis, visually toning down the cellulite’s orange peel effect.

Scars : Winback improves the colour of the scar so that it blends in with the surrounding tissue. Using the MIX setting ? helps stimulate the collagen secretion inside the scar and brings about its reduction. From the first session, the scar looks better.

Body : Reduction of all types of cellulite, fatty build-ups and water retention.

The Treatment : Imperfections are the secondary effects of dysfunctions or primary lesions. The latter are medically diagnosed by the physiotherapist who then assigns a dynamic action programme (manual roller massage) combined with WINBACK range on bulges, effectively dislodging them and encouraging their evacuation via vascular and lymphatic means. As a result, Winback stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, encouraging blood capillaries to work better and providing more oxygen to tissues. The evacuation of toxins from the organism is improved and water retention is reduced.

This treatment appeals to all who wish to remodel their physique, combining it with a more balanced diet and regular physical activity, being a pre-requisite


Winback stimulates fibroblasts and encourages the production of collagen and elastin, for a tensor/tensing ? effect. The selective heating of tissues brings about the firming up of the skin thanks to its action on collagen. The “in depth” action of the MIX heads concentrates the energy on tissue layers below the skin.

Face & Neck : Jowls – oval of the face – forehead wrinkles – eyelid wrinkles – cleavage.

Body : Arms, thighs and stomach. Imperfection reduction.

The treatment : This is a gentle and focalised lifting technique, which helps to reconstitute the skin’s elasticity by stimulating the renewal of its fibroblasts. Eliminating the skin’s (fine)wrinkles and increasing its elasticity restore the skin and produce a perfectly natural look

The physiotherapist then stimulates the micro-circulation of the muscles below the skin, which then give volume and aesthetic fullness to the skin, thus obtaining a natural and lasting quality.

How can you benefit from Winback?

  • Remove Fat and slim
  • Tone your body
  • Revitalise & Regenerate
  • Combat cellulite
  • Lighten the appearance of stretchmarks
  • Instant Results

My Result


Being a mom of 2 small children, I have unwanted stretchmarks on my stomach and across the sides of my "love handles".  They treated my stretchmarks in one session, and my stretchmarks are so much lighter.  My stretchmarks has re-activated and now can be treated with Bio-Oil to go away completely.  My skin at the stretchmark section is so much tighter and smoother - and this is only after 1 treatment


I have unwanted cellulite on the top of my legs.  We did an hour session on my legs and I was so happy with the results.  My skin is smoother and I do not have that orange peel texture on my legs anymore.  My cellulite is no longer so visible as it was before.  The Winback treatment has enhanced blood circulation in my legs that assist the reduction of unwanted cellulite

Slim Down,

We focused on my waist and hip area, as this is my biggest concern with centimeter loss.  I am following a low carb high proteien diet and still struggle to slim down around my mid section.  In the 2 sessions that we focused on my waist and hips I lost 6cm's around my hips and 4 around my waist.  I got this great result by lying down relaxing while the Winback machine was doing the work.

The Overal Experience

Stephen and his staff is a delight to be around.  From the moment you walk into the studio, you are treated with the upmost respect and professionalism.   Stephen truly has a winning formula with his excellent service and fantastic product.

I can highly recommend this to anyone that is struggling to loose the last unwanted cm's, lighten stretchmarks or remove the appearance of cellulite

Contact Stephen and his team to arrange an appointment today:

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