Flavour of the Week | Soft Blue

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Soft blue is an all-season wedding colour scheme and can adapt to any wedding setting. Whether your wedding is a winter wonderland of icicles and silver frost or a sunny beach wedding, soft blue will be perfect!

Why we love it: It is a tranquil colour that can be used in a million different ways.  

Suggested themes and colour combos:
Winter wonderland: Combine baby blue with diamonds, silver and white
Classic beach wedding: Add splashes of watermelon / coral / orange and neutral hues - add lots of green foliage
Early spring morning: Add pink and purple pastel colours and keep the greenery very subtle
Endless skies: Combine soft blue with white and little hints of a darker, deeper blue
Elegant: Down-tone blue to a more murky version and add different shades of cold grey

Soft blue's alternative names:
Pale blue
Serene blue
Baby blue
Dusky blue
Ice blue

Blue precious stones:
Blue Zircon
Mercury mist cubic zirconia
Topaz (sky blue, baby swiss, swiss blue, London blue)
Blue fire opal
Blue moon quartz

Blue is the colour of the ocean and the sky. It stimulates serenity and is a very tranquil colour. According to Color Wheel Pro, light blue is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness.