2017 /2018 Wedding Trends

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2018 Wedding Trends


Are you getting married in  2018? 

If so, take a look at some of the hottest wedding trends we are seeing as we look forward to the 2017/2018 wedding seasons from designers, industry experts and of course brides-to- be. While the wedding industry constantly changes as unique and creative ideas surface, there are several trends that you can expect to see staying around. As the huge engagement season closes and the wedding planning phase begins, we share these wedding trends with you as you look for your own wedding inspiration.


Bridal Gowns 

New York’s Bridal Fashion Week is held in early October and the latest trends from the runway give us a good indication of wedding attire on the rise for 2017 and 2018. So what can you expect to see for brides? Extremes…. From super sexy, barely there gowns to the ever popular traditional, brides will have no problem finding their perfect dress. Plunging necklines, off the shoulder, flutter sleeves, ruffles, bows, two-piece crop tops, floral appliques,capes and long trains, as well as the still popular lace. You can even expect to see brides wearing gowns in blushes, metallics, as well as muted and bold colors, forgoing the typical ivory/white wedding gown.


Tuxedos & Suits 

With more grooms choosing to make their own statements when it comes to wedding attire you can see some wearing suits in bolder colors, such as in the plum and burgundy family, textures such as tweed,and even floral accents. Slim fitted suits, bow ties, and suspenders are still popular.



We can expect to see the tiara and longer veils making their way back in 2017/2018, along with floral crowns, headbands, and barrettes still being worn. Also, larger statement jewelry, such as large necklaces, for the bride and bridal party is on the rise.



The wedding party you ask…be on the look out to see more gender mixed wedding parties. The days of having to have all ladies on the bride’s side and all gentlemen on the groom’s side are long gone, and we love it! 


For the ladies, you can expect to see florals, mismatched, two piece ensembles, textured gowns, and even jumpsuits. One of our favorite trends that is making its way into the wedding world is the variation of the groomsmen’s attire. While some are still choosing the ever-popular tuxedo, more are starting to wear various mismatched suits, vests, ties, textures, bolder colors and patterns, including florals.



Look for loose braids, beach waves and buns for hairstyles. Eyelash extensions are an ongoing trend,which we love, especially for the bride. We love this because if done properly can last well into the honeymoon. For makeup look to see more natural glowing skin, bold brows and glossy lips.



With Pantone’s color of the year being greenery you can expect to see more…greenery. Flowy cascading bouquets are still on the rise, as well as garlands being used for arches, centerpieces,staircases, and ceiling décor. Look for mixtures of high and low centerpieces, round and


rectangular tables, metallics, and more ornate linens. The use of geometric shapes, whether as vases, candle holders, light fixtures, etc., is also on the rise for the upcoming year. While soft colors are still popular start looking for more bold pairings. Pantone describes this as “a Mixture of Vitality, Relaxation and the Great Outdoors”. Wedding themes that you can expect to see growing in the upcoming years are enchanted forest,woodland, and garden. There has also been a movement towards modern, industrial, and high drama.Themes that have been around and still making themselves known are rustic, romantic, vintage,bohemian, barn, and fairytale.



Barns and outdoor spaces will still be sought after. However, more couples are wanting to have a more unique venue so start looking for museums, gardens, loft buildings, rooftops, etc., to be the new “it” wedding venue.



More couples are wanting that personal, intimate feel for their wedding. Because of this many are choosing to have smaller weddings. While in the past the average wedding was between 150-250 guests look for more couples to have between 75-125.




Plated dinners and buffets carry forward as the two most popular options when it comes to serving food at weddings. On the rise are food stations and family style. Even though these two options tend to be a tad more expensive than the typical buffet, couples are making the splurge to provide a more intimate and hands on dining experience for their guests. Having fresh foods provided by local markets/farmers is still popular due to people opting for more organic and healthier foods. Another huge trend making its way into the wedding scene is the food truck. 


Many couples are opting to have smaller wedding cakes, paired along with other desserts. Even though the wedding cake has seen a decrease in size it has not seen a decrease in style and elegance. We are seeing cakes glammed out with ruffles and bling, naked, marbled, metallic, watercolor, monogrammed,and rustic.

 Dessert Bars 

Over the last few years we have seen candy bars lose their popularity as more couples are going with mini dessert bars. One such bar that is making a huge appearance is the yummy donut bar.



The cocktails offered at weddings have started becoming just as important to couples as the food that is served. Craft beer, especially when it is created by a local brewery is a huge hit. We have one close to us that will create a beer just for the couple. Another popular trend is having wine from local wineries being served. Still making a debut is the signature cocktails for the couple. We can also expect to see an increase in gourmet coffee stations and other non-alcoholic drink options.  

One of the biggest trends we are seeing is that couples are making their weddings more personal and intimate. From switching out champagne to bourbon for the toasts because he proposed in Kentucky, to grandma’s recipe served for dinner, couples are including touches that allow their wedding to be unique. Our number one rule for our couples when it comes to whether they should include something, is if it’s important to you then the answer is YES!! Be unique, be different, but most importantly of all BE YOU! Your guests will know it and love your wedding even more.


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